13 Summers - Emma and Roland Nipp


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13 Summers is our new CD featuring thirteen of our favourite cover songs.Itís a good representation of how we sound when we perform live.Emma plays lead guitar on all but two tracks; Roland plays rhythm and carries their equipment.Emmaís guitar is mixed to the right speaker, Rolandís is mixed to the left channel.


Track list:



Fire and Rain

Love of My Life

Iím Not the Only One

In My Room

Nothing But Love

The Sound of Silence

California Dreaminí

Scarborough Fair

Hawaii Five-O

Itís Been a Long, Long, Time

Youíve Got a Friend


Itís impossible to improve on the original versions of these tunes - weíre big fans of the artists and songs above.When we perform them as guitar instrumentals, we think the great melodies of each song are showcased.†† Enjoy the tunes!


Emma and Roland












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